Established in 2014, Pro Movement is a Fitness and Surfing studio, based in Noosa, Australia.



Pro Movement Co-Founders Dean Brady and Jarryd Bates first met in a Noosa kindergarten in 1990 where they instantly became friends. They completed their entire schooling together, finally graduating in 2003.

As much as they enjoyed each other’s company, their weekends were spent apart. Jarryd, having watched his father play over 200 games for Noosa whilst captaining and coaching the Tiger’s AFC to premiership victories, wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Dean on the other hand loved the ocean and wanted to ride as many waves as possible.

In 2003, fresh out of high school and having been through the Brisbane Lion’s Junior program, Jarryd was drafted by the Brisbane Lion’s AFL team where he earnt ‘Cub, Rookie of the Year’ honours the same year the Lion’s won their third consecutive ‘National AFL Premiership’.

In 2005, after a successful junior career having achieved state and national surfing titles, Dean was offered a spot by Rip Curl on its ‘International Search Team’ to travel the world in search of perfect waves.


Jarryd kicking goals from a young age.


Dean shredding amongst the grommets.


Life was dreamy for the pair, until…

In 2006, Jarryd broke his femur, cutting his promising career tragically short. The Lions however were kind enough to assist Jarryd through his studies in ‘Sport & Exercise Science’ where he went on to flourish for the next decade working abroad with Rob Williams in Vancouver, Canada, assisting in the strength and conditioning of various NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL players. In 2012 he moved to London as part of the International Iluka team responsible for helping host the 2012 Olympics.

In 2012 life couldn’t have been better for Brady. He was coming off his best surfing year to date and his wife, Ellie, was pregnant with their first child whilst they were building their first home, so when the news came through that Rip Curl was cutting its budget and wasn’t going to renew his contract it came as a shock. Shortly after Dean was 600km’s from the coast working as a ‘Rough Neck’ on a Drilling Rig, which was voted ‘The World’s Worst Job’ by Google.


Jarryd working on strength and control.


Dean working on flexibility and range of movement.


By chance Jarryd and Dean joined the same touch football team in 2013 and for the first time in nearly a decade reconnected.

The following week Dean was taken through some training sessions by Jarryd and was blown away by his approach towards fitness. He asked Jarryd if he’d be interested in helping train the surfers he’d been working with. The answer was yes. Months later they decided to combine all the elements of their training and in 2014 Pro Movement was born. Fast Forward to March 2018 and the first Pro Movement studio is operational!

Jarryd and Dean share the same goal to work within their lifelong passions, sharing the enthusiasm and knowledge they’ve accumulated throughout their journeys with like-minded people. When asked if they would change anything throughout their sporting careers, the answer was “No, without our setbacks we wouldn’t have Pro Movement and throughout that journey we’ve come to the realisation that if we can create a job surrounded by the activities we love like surfing and training, then we never have to work. We’ve been fortunate to create a lifestyle we’d live even if we won the lotto.”



The Pro Movement studio is proud to feature a stylish and functional fit-out, full with top of the line fitness equipment and training accessories. Train in style and comfort all year round with the Pro Movement team. Facility features include:

  • Custom designed Pro Movement exercise equipment

  • Shower, change room and toilets

  • Air-conditioning and fans

  • Iron Edge high bars & gymnastic rings

  • Speed ladders, hurdles & plyometric boxes

  • Six meter purpose built peg board climbing wall

  • Anti bacterial astro turf flooring

  • Stall bars

  • Climbing ropes

  • Resistance bands

  • Yoga bolsters and mats

  • Filtered water

  • Pigeon holes for storage of valuables 

  • Natural cooling breeze or the option of an air conditioned exercise space

  • Ability to close down for complete privacy

  • Espresso coffee, boutique surfboard store and art gallery only 20 paces away