Pro Movement works alongside clients who strive to be the best versions of themselves. Whether you are a beginner, past or present professional athlete or a member of youth, we want to work with you to better reach your full potential.

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The name ‘Pro Movement’ is personal to you! Pro may be perceived as Professional, Prolong or Promote. We all interpret movement in our own unique way making the Pro Movement experience a truly personal one.


Pro Movement studio was designed to bring the space and freedom of outdoor training inside. Greens, timbers, high ceilings and natural lighting have been used to create motivation, inspiration and relaxation.

Train in comfort year round with the Pro Movement team. Facility features include:

— Custom designed Pro Movement exercise equipment.

— Iron Edge high bars & gymnastic rings.

— Speed ladders, hurdles & plyometric boxes.

— Six meter purpose built peg board climbing wall.

— Stall bars.

— Climbing ropes.

— Resistance bands.

— Stretching bolsters and mats.

— Pigeon holes for storage of valuables .

— Natural cooling breeze or the option of an air conditioner/fans.

— Shower, change room and toilets.

— Privacy and discretion if required.

Pro Movement FacilitiesPro Movement FacilitiesPro Movement FacilitiesPro Movement Facilities
Pro Movement Facilities



Jarryd Bates is a Sunshine Coast local. He grew up in Noosa, Australia and was fortunate enough to have a childhood full of sports and fitness. Jarryd has been actively involved with sports such as Mountain biking, Athletics, Surfing and Aussie Rules Football, a sport which he pursued to the elite level. 

Professionally, Jarryd is a trained Exercise Scientist and has spent the last decade building his reputation as a trusted professional in the sports and fitness industry. To this point, he attracted the attention of world class athletes and has had the privilege of travelling the world to support them achieve their very best.  

Jarryd brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, passion and grit to his craft. Since returning home, Jarryd founded the grassroots business that is known today as Pro Movement. What started as a backyard session, has evolved into a community of fitness minded individuals who like to have fun, work hard and to get the most out of their bodies at any age.